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Do you like playing roulette in legal disputes? We don’t!

Not without a reason it has been said for centuries that before a court of law and on the high seas we are in God’s hands!

To be sure, "God’s hand" can be very helpful. In football (soccer), for instance, as demonstrated by Maradona it can at least score a goal. However, long standing experience shows that this happens just in exceptional cases.

In legal disputes, stress and loss of time are the central issues that cannot be fully predicted before going to court.
Therefore the Institute of European Mediation and Arbitration (IEMA) has specialized in various forms of out-of-court settlements, so called alternative or appropriate dispute resolution (ADR). So the Institute offers a professional background with the following options:

  1. 1. Individual consultations in English, German, Latvian and Russian
  2. 2. Strategy consultations
  3. 3. Costs-and-benefit-analysis of court proceedings in comparison to ADR
  4. 4. Contract drafting with consideration of ADR
  5. 5. Post-negotiation assistance in order to avoid dispute escalation
  6. 6. Mediation proceedings concerning almost any sphere of life and legal issue, also in international /
        cross-border cases
  7. 7. Arbitration in suitable legal spheres

The above mentioned options are being provided by experienced and specialized mediators and lawyers carefully selected by the Institute.

In addition, the Institute organizes (in-house) seminars and offers individual coaching as well as further training in ADR.

Academic research and monitoring or support are at the core of the Institute’s work.

In case of any questions, please use our contact form or just give us a call! 

Faithfully yours

Prof. Dr. Frank Diedrich, MLE.
- Attorney-at-law and Mediator -
Chairman of the Board of IEMA