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Two new books about Mediation!

Frank Diedrich (Ed.)

The Status Quo of Mediation in Europe and Overseas

Editor of this book is Prof. Dr. Frank Diedrich, Chairman of the Board of IEMA. He and Dr. Inga Švarca, both
members of IEMA, contributed to the book.

Schriftenreihe Außergerichtliche Konfliktbeilegung, Band 16 Hamburg 2014, 404 Seiten ISBN 978-3-8300-7725-1

Hrsg. Arthur Trossen

Mediation (un)geregelt

Prof. Dr. Frank Diedrich’s contributions to this book comprise International Law, International Mediation, ADR
Procedure and Ombudsman.

Hrsg. Arthur Trossen Win-Management GmbH – Verlag Altenkirchen 2014
ISBN: 9 783981 385434

Conference in Riga

Institute of European Mediation and Arbitration in collaboration with the Riga Graduate School of Law organized the international conference “Mediation: Status Quo in Europe and Overseas. Options for Countries in Transition”.
The conference took place in Riga, Latvia on the 27th September 2013.


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